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Sending articles rules

  1. The editorial staff of the Transport Construction journal takes articles for publication in hard and/or soft copy or via e-mail ictrs@mail.ru.
  2. In the article the authors specify their full names, membership in the state academies of science, academic rank, academic title, place of employment, occupational title, contact information (email, phone number). A paper copy signed by all authors should be sent per post 64, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow, 125319.
  3. At the same time, the author should present to the editors a review with signature and stamp indicating the reviewer"s information (name, academic rank, place of employment). In the absence of review, the editors send the article to an expert in this field of science from the list of reviewers of the magazine.
  4. An average page count is 3-4 magazine pages, i.e. 10000-13000 symbols including pictures (1 pic. is equal to 300 symbols). A bigger page count can be accepted by the editorial staff, depending on the significance of the matter at issue.
  5. The article should be accompanied by an abstract, keywords in Russian and English, bibliographical references, diagrams, pictures and tables in the Word program without syllabification in words in formats *.doc or *.rtf.
    5.1 Tables should have number, title and number link in the text, formulas should be set in Microsoft Equation and have number, graphs and schemes – in MS Excel or MS PowerPoint in the *.ppt format.
    5.2 Pictures can be put in the article, but they must be presented as separate *.tif or *.jpg files with resolution not less than 300 dpi and have an image-related text and link in the text. Greek characters, Cyrillic and dimensions in the figures are shown in normal font, position and Latin - in italics.
    5.3 Each name in the list of references should be in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1 Bibliographical description of the document. References in the text to sources are given in square brackets according to numbering in the list of references.
  6. The sending of the article to the Journal signed by all authors is the ground for transfer of rights for publication.
  7. Prior to the publication, an academic and literary editing is conducted. After that, the article is sent to the author by e-mail. Within three working days, the author should give their consent or specific objections.
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It is included in the List of reviewed scientific journals in which the main scientific results of PhD theses must be published
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