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Science, Technology and Practice Journal «Transport construction»

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Scientific-technical and production journal ‘Transport Construction’ published since 1931, included into the List of reviewed scientific journals in which the main scientific results of PhD theses must be published.

The Journal publishes scientific articles on the results of research and development work in the field of transport construction, information on practical issues of production character, scientific and technical achievements of organizations of the industry, the application of advanced technologies and new building materials in the field of construction. The magazine provides information about adopted regulatory documents, which are compulsory for implementation in transport construction, features about the history of transport construction, news monitoring, reviews on recent books and many other things.

Scientific specialties of the journal in accordance with the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications of the Higher Attestation Commission:

2.1.1. Building structures, buildings and structures (technical sciences),

2.1.2. Foundations and foundations, underground structures (technical sciences),

2.1.5. Building materials and products (technical sciences),

2.1.7. Technology and organization of construction (technical sciences),

2.1.8. Design and construction of roads, subways, airfields, bridges and transport tunnels (technical sciences),

2.1.9. Construction mechanics (technical sciences),

2.1.10. Environmental safety of construction and urban management (technical sciences),

2.9.2. Railway track, railway survey and design (technical sciences)

Journal publisher

Small Innovative Enterprise «MADI Technopark» Limited Liability Company
64, Leningradsky prosp., Moscow, 125829,
8 (499) 155-07-65, vas@madi-dt.ru


Yuri E. Vasiliev – Head of the Road Construction Materials Department of the Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education «MADI», General Director of «MADI Technopark»

Ways of distributing the magazine:

  • Mailing to the Russian Book Chamber;
  • subscription through the United Press of Russia catalogue, index E70976;
  • subscription through the catalogue of the «Ural-Press» agency, index E70976;
  • distribution at specialized exhibitions;
  • sending to ministries, departments, construction and installation departments, central and regional libraries.
«SIE MADI Technopark» Ltd 2022.
64, Leningradsky Prospect, Moscow, 125319
It is included in the List of reviewed scientific journals in which the main scientific results of PhD theses must be published
ISSN 0131-4300